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Yusuf Siddiqui
This site is packed with great stuff and you can nail some good deals . The people working behind are really experienced and can certainly tell you about the stuff you want . Believe me guys when I called Bajaao I was really confused but Mr. Roop Thomas Phillip took good care of me and told that I should go with Warwick BC 150 bass combo amp because it's new in the market and has some kick-ass feature and tone . Eventually his experience worked out for me . The amp is working great . This site is just awesome :D . I'll be ordering more ! ...

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Drums and Percussion

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(8 votes, average 3.63 out of 5)
Vater VWHP Percussion Whip3.63 out of 5 based on 8 voters.

Vater VWHP Percussion Whip

Rs 1550

(12 votes, average 4.08 out of 5)
Korg Wavedrum Global WD-X-GLB Global Edition4.08 out of 5 based on 12 voters.

Korg Wavedrum Global WD-X-GLB Global...

Rs 49100
Rs 46700

You Save: Rs 2400

(46 votes, average 3.63 out of 5)
TAMA Imperialstar IM52KH6 Midnight Blue Drum Set3.63 out of 5 based on 46 voters.

TAMA Imperialstar IM52KH6 Midnight B...

Rs 42100
Rs 39900

You Save: Rs 2200

Sabian XS20 16" Medium-Thin Cra...

Rs 7600
Rs 7300

You Save: Rs 300

Sabian HHX 20" Zen China Cymbal...

Rs 22900
Rs 21800

You Save: Rs 1100

Sabian HHX-TREME 16" Crash Cymb...

Rs 16900
Rs 16100

You Save: Rs 800

Sabian HHX 21" Groove Ride

Rs 24500
Rs 23300

You Save: Rs 1200

Sabian HH 20" Leopard Ride Cymb...

Rs 18500
Rs 17600

You Save: Rs 900

Sabian HH 20" Duo Ride Cymbal

Rs 18500
Rs 17600

You Save: Rs 900

Sabian HH 21" Crossover Ride Cy...

Rs 20400
Rs 19400

You Save: Rs 1000

Sabian HH 10" China Kang Cymbal...

Rs 6800
Rs 6500

You Save: Rs 300

Sabian Artisan 16" Crash Cymbal...

Rs 16100
Rs 15300

You Save: Rs 800

Sabian AAXtreme 17" Chinese Cym...

Rs 11600
Rs 11000

You Save: Rs 600

Sabian AAX X-plosion 16" Fast C...

Rs 10700
Rs 10100

You Save: Rs 600

Sabian AAXplosion 18" Crash Cym...

Rs 15701
Rs 14900

You Save: Rs 801

Sabian AAX - Celerator 14" Hi-H...

Rs 22500
Rs 21400

You Save: Rs 1100

Sabian AAX 18" V-Crash Cymbal

Rs 16000
Rs 15200

You Save: Rs 800

Sabian AAX O-Zone 10" Splash Cy...

Rs 6650
Rs 6300

You Save: Rs 350

Sabian AAX Omni 22" Ride

Rs 20600
Rs 19600

You Save: Rs 1000

Sabian AAX 16" Dark Crash Cymba...

Rs 12500
Rs 11900

You Save: Rs 600

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Drums and Percussion guarantees the best price where Drummers get exactly what you're looking for every time here, where shipping is free and we beat every price. Shop the massive selection of acoustic drums and electronic drums, cymbals, world percussion instruments, drum hardware, drumming accessories, and replacement parts from Pearl, Tama, Zildjian, Sabian, Mapex, Chancellor, Basix, Remo and other leading brands. All drums and percussion gear are at Lowest Price and Total Satisfaction guarantees. Build the kit of your dreams today!


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